Thursday, December 29, 2005 - Boston Red Sox: Sox — too Manny issues? Cutting ties could be costly

The Boston Herald: Sox — too Manny issues? Cutting ties could be costly

Seems to me that the Boston Herald writers are out-to-lunch this off season - What are these guys () talking about when they say this potential/rumored trade CREATES holes?

Herald >>> From the Red Sox’ perspective, of course, the problem is that a Ramirez-for-Tejada swap doesn’t really address any on-field holes, particularly if it involves Clement.

SoxSpot Response: Are you kidding? The hole is at SHORTSTOP and we could fill that with Miguel Tejada !!! Any additional holes that are created would be in Fenway's left field (that smallest outfield position in the world) and at starting pitcher, where the Sox current have 7-8 starters ready to go for '06 thus still a few to use for trade bait.

Herald >>> In fact, it creates a hole. Last week, after all, the Sox made a three-year offer to Kevin Millwood so they might have pitching depth to deal from. That would have allowed the Sox to trade both David Wells and Clement or Bronson Arroyo, one of the latter two for either a shortstop or center fielder.

SoxSpot Response: Millwood would have been the Sox NINTH starting pitcher on the 40-man roster. He was unnecessary. Adding him wouldv'e just created further needs to trade away other starters.

Herald >>> Unless the Sox think prospect Andy Marte can produce now — and in left field where he’s never played — then trading Ramirez and Clement creates more holes than it fills.

SoxSpot response: Again, there are plenty of people with the ability to play Fenway's small left field position. Andy Marter or literally any professional athlete should be able to handle it. Heck - Manny handled it all the while being Manny...

Come on Herald! Loosen up!

Original Article on The Boston Herald: Sox — too Manny issues? Cutting ties could be costly

Where did the '04 Red Sox champions go? - Boston Red Sox: The incredible shrinking champions

Interesting coverage of how many Red Sox from the '04 championship team are gone.

Interesting that they don't bother mentioning Nomar Garciaparra.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Boston Red Sox Rumors: More Tejada possibilities

Boston Dirt Dogs reports on rumors:

Clement and Manny to Baltimore for Tejada?


Manny to Mets in Four-Way Deal?

Miguel Tejada to the Red Sox
Kris Benson and Julio Lugo to the Orioles
Aaron Heilman and prospects to the Devil Rays
and Manny Ramirez to the Mets.

Read Details on BostonDirtDogs.Boston.Com / Sports / NESN / Eric Wilbur / Roger on rebuild / Sports / NESN / Eric Wilbur / Roger on rebuild

If the Red Sox are rebuilding, bringing Roger Clemens into this clubhouse would be a great place to start... according to NESN's Eric Wilbur.

Read article here:

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Steinbrenner's folly - The Boston Globe

Steinbrenner's folly - The Boston Globe

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Johnny Damon is a New York Yankee : Idiot

Johnny Damon is a New York Yankee

According to the Associated Press late 12/20, spotted first via Sox fan blogs and then (via the Boston Herald), the Yankees have reached a preliminary deal with Johnny Damon for 4 years at $52 million.

I'm going to need to see the JD signature on this one myself, because I can't believe that:
1. The Red Sox wouldn't offer Damon a similar financial deal; and
2. If so, that Damon would pick NY over Boston given similar financial arrangements.

Of course, the new Sox management may have felt that a Damon contract was a lost cause from the beginning with Boras asking for seven years... but I cant understand the Sox not matching this particular financial arrangement.

And given similar terms (possibly not offered) why would Damon decide to join the Yankees?
I have many thoughts on this topic... check back later for updates...

But the ultimate question remains, WWJDD? Well, he apparently chose the Yankees over the super-star-dom he earned here with millions of Red Sox nation fans in New England and beyond.

OK Johnny: Go shave, Go cut your hair, and prepare yourself for the onslaught of your former fans. You are a superstar no longer, now you're a Damn Yankee. (You will not receive the positive feedback that O. Cabrera got... you are a Yankee now.)

Pedro Martinez's toe still hurting -

This is almost too funny:
Pedro Martinez's toe still hurting -

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Red Sox ShortStop

Renteria cost the Red Sox $22-23 million for one year of service in Boston. During that year he never seemed comfortable in Boston, acchieved only sporadically on offense hitting .223 with an .333 OBP and 1 RBI. Most telling, though, is that the former NL All-Star and Gold Glover winner led the league in errors with 30 on the season.

Other recent Red Sox Shortstops didn't fare much better this year mostly due to injury.

Former Sox posterboy Nomar Garciappara sat out most of the season with a groin injury. Upon his return to the Cubs he played shortstop, having lost the SS job to a rookie, and hit .333 in 33 games. He also sat out much of 2004 with various injuries.

In 2004, Nomar's first half replacement was then-second baseman Pokey Reese. Reese didn't play in 2005 due to surgery.

Orlando Cabrera, whom the Sox traded Nomar and others to get in 2004, played the 2nd half of the 2004 season for . Cabrera became a fan favorite for spirited play, clutch hitting and shined with the World Series bound team happy to have him.

PS: The Sox tried to get Alex Rodriguez during the off-season -- he ended up going to the Yankees and having one of the worst seasons of his career.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Current Red Sox 2006 Roster

As it stands today, the Red Sox have backups in most positions, but still need a full-timers for Center Field, Shortstop, and possibly Left Field. Some additional bullpen assistance and a First baseman to potentially platoon with with Kevin Youkilis (and David Ortiz) is desired.

Upcoming posts will analyze the openings and the available market (including our own prospects) for these positions. (We are also working on a tool to let you vote for/against current position holders vs. potential replacements.)

2006 Red Sox Depth chart

Catcher = J. Varitek (2008, no trade clause), K. Huckaby, K. Shoppach (AAA)
First Base = K. Youkilis (limited experience at position), D. Ortiz (capable, maybe the GMs should consider platooning him with Youk?)
Second Base = Mark Loretta, D. Pedrioa (AAA)
Third Base = M. Lowell, A. Marte
ShortStop: A. Cora
Right Field = T. Nixon
Center Field = Free Agent vacancy.
Left Field = M. Ramirez - (wants to be traded)

Starting Pitchers:
C. Schilling
J. Beckett
T. Wakefield
M. Clement - could be traded. Seattle interested.
J. Papelbon (or long relief?)
D. Wells - (wants to be traded)

Long Relief:
B. Arroyo (or starter)

M. Timlin
Jermaine Van Buren
G. Mota
C. Bradford
M. Delcarmen

K. Foulke
C. Hansen

Arbitration has been offered to:
Tony Graffanino
Bill Mueller (already signed with the LA Dodgers).

Arbitration was not offered to:
Kevin Millar (free agent)
Matt Mantei (free agent)
Mike Myers (already signed with the Yankees)
John Olerud (has decided to retire)

Roger Clemens is considering rejoining the Red Sox

While many Red Sox fans publicly called for Roger Clemens' return to the Red Sox to finish his career, after the Astros declined to offer him salary arbitration, The Rocket hasn't publicly acknowledged any teams interest in him or spoken about his own interests... until now.

While it remains to be seen whether the 44-year-old pitch at all in 2006, he many would be thrilled to see him return to Boston to finish his career where it started... in a Red Sox uniform.

Roger Clemens said Thursday night that he will consider four teams if he decides to pitch in 2006: the Red Sox, Astros, Yankees and Rangers.

While the story of Roger being unceremoniously pushed out of town by former Sox G.M. Dan Duquette is well-known, the new Sox ownership and fans remain enamored by the seven-time Cy Young award winner. The feelings may not be 100% mutual considering the events of 1996, but Clemens' has spoken well of the team, fans and the City of Boston recently. With new ownership and baseball management having already expressed interest, Roger seems willing to at least consider a return.

Dan Duquette, who let his feelings that Roger was entering the "twilight" of his career be know publicly, has been scorned for having done so especially after Roger left to continue his stellar career for the Blue Jays, Yankees and Astros. He's earned a World Series ring by helping the New York win championships and carried the Astros to the playoffs in 2005. With additional pitching support (and barely any offensive support) the Astros made it to the World Series this year for the first time while Roger pitched an amazing 1.87 ERA during the regular season.

Another interesting stat: Clemens is currently tied with Cy Young as the winningest pitcher in Red Sox history. Each has 192 wins for Boston.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Red Sox General Manager(s)

The Boston Red Sox announced that the team will operate under the management of TWO GMs. Two General Managers!?!?

And maybe G.M. Theo Epstein can come back and manage these general managers.

Well, I think Red Sox fans have just wasted more than a month wondering what will happen, because the answer is nothing. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, Ben Cherrington and Jed Hoyer seem quite capable as evidenced by the short off-season so far.

The two will basically continue to operate in their previous roles, they will just answer to Lucchino instead of having Theo Epstein as their middleman.

Ben Cherrington will now be the GM of Minor League Operations while Jed Hoyer will GM the Major League operations. FYI: Job Titles before where 1) Ben Cherrington - Director of Player Development and 2) Jed Hoyer - Assistant to the GM.

What's news here? Sounds like just another delay, but this time it came thinly disguised via a press conference.

Theo, for his part, in turning down Lucchino contract offer has essentially/apparently opted-out from being the middleman any longer - in my opinion. As much has been said or theorized in the newspapers of record (listed to your right) lately.


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