Friday, December 16, 2005

Current Red Sox 2006 Roster

As it stands today, the Red Sox have backups in most positions, but still need a full-timers for Center Field, Shortstop, and possibly Left Field. Some additional bullpen assistance and a First baseman to potentially platoon with with Kevin Youkilis (and David Ortiz) is desired.

Upcoming posts will analyze the openings and the available market (including our own prospects) for these positions. (We are also working on a tool to let you vote for/against current position holders vs. potential replacements.)

2006 Red Sox Depth chart

Catcher = J. Varitek (2008, no trade clause), K. Huckaby, K. Shoppach (AAA)
First Base = K. Youkilis (limited experience at position), D. Ortiz (capable, maybe the GMs should consider platooning him with Youk?)
Second Base = Mark Loretta, D. Pedrioa (AAA)
Third Base = M. Lowell, A. Marte
ShortStop: A. Cora
Right Field = T. Nixon
Center Field = Free Agent vacancy.
Left Field = M. Ramirez - (wants to be traded)

Starting Pitchers:
C. Schilling
J. Beckett
T. Wakefield
M. Clement - could be traded. Seattle interested.
J. Papelbon (or long relief?)
D. Wells - (wants to be traded)

Long Relief:
B. Arroyo (or starter)

M. Timlin
Jermaine Van Buren
G. Mota
C. Bradford
M. Delcarmen

K. Foulke
C. Hansen

Arbitration has been offered to:
Tony Graffanino
Bill Mueller (already signed with the LA Dodgers).

Arbitration was not offered to:
Kevin Millar (free agent)
Matt Mantei (free agent)
Mike Myers (already signed with the Yankees)
John Olerud (has decided to retire)


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