Friday, December 16, 2005

Roger Clemens is considering rejoining the Red Sox

While many Red Sox fans publicly called for Roger Clemens' return to the Red Sox to finish his career, after the Astros declined to offer him salary arbitration, The Rocket hasn't publicly acknowledged any teams interest in him or spoken about his own interests... until now.

While it remains to be seen whether the 44-year-old pitch at all in 2006, he many would be thrilled to see him return to Boston to finish his career where it started... in a Red Sox uniform.

Roger Clemens said Thursday night that he will consider four teams if he decides to pitch in 2006: the Red Sox, Astros, Yankees and Rangers.

While the story of Roger being unceremoniously pushed out of town by former Sox G.M. Dan Duquette is well-known, the new Sox ownership and fans remain enamored by the seven-time Cy Young award winner. The feelings may not be 100% mutual considering the events of 1996, but Clemens' has spoken well of the team, fans and the City of Boston recently. With new ownership and baseball management having already expressed interest, Roger seems willing to at least consider a return.

Dan Duquette, who let his feelings that Roger was entering the "twilight" of his career be know publicly, has been scorned for having done so especially after Roger left to continue his stellar career for the Blue Jays, Yankees and Astros. He's earned a World Series ring by helping the New York win championships and carried the Astros to the playoffs in 2005. With additional pitching support (and barely any offensive support) the Astros made it to the World Series this year for the first time while Roger pitched an amazing 1.87 ERA during the regular season.

Another interesting stat: Clemens is currently tied with Cy Young as the winningest pitcher in Red Sox history. Each has 192 wins for Boston.


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