Sunday, October 08, 2006

Joe Torre fired?

I bet Joe Torre is finally gone whether its Steinb's choice or not. Torre himself could just throw in the towel. He just looks so tired lately, and he especially seemed to have had enough during/after last year (though he couldn't turn down the money at the time).

I can't say that I'd be disappointed if he doesn't return. I respected him, and thus I prefer the Red Sox to compete against a lesser foe... especially considering the competition ON the field being strong enough without having to worry about the brain/brawn in the clubhouse outmatching us too. (I'm not saying Torre/Cashman outmatch Tito/Theo - just saying its stiff competition there combined with the uniform-wearing $$$ players.)

But I agree with whichever NY paper said it first... Pinella will get the chance he's been waiting for and, unfortunately, it'll probably end up being good for all those spoiled, rich, white-glove wearing, shaved-faced millionaires on the team to have a manager that'll kick their asses if they slouch or pout. (Yes, Lou too impresses me in that manner.) I'm not sure it'll work, it could backfire horribly, they could all hate the guy like though young Devil Rays did, but I can sure see The Bossy One wanting to give that a try.)

I have to admit, despite their own injury issues, I am surprised that the Ys couldn't get to the World Series this year. Second to the Sox (using July as the high-water mark) I wouldn't have bet that the All-Star cash-laden Yanks wouldn't get past the Tigers or the A's - assuming the Sox weren't in the way.


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