Friday, March 17, 2006

Boomer Booming

David Wells: Boomer Booming again.

Def: BOOMING: to make a deep, hollow sound used in attracting mates Each spring prairie-chicken males attract females by booming and dancing. Source: University of Illinois - Illinois Natural History Survey

US WBC - The US failed in the World Baseball Classic

The US has failed in the World Baseball Classic.

It seems to me that they didn't take it seriously. They could have beaten Mexico. They had all the fire-power of an MLB All-Star team, but, unfortunately, they also had the spirit of a tired All-Star "break" team too.

The US team just seemed lackluster - I'd think that an amateur/semi-pro (old-fashioned) Olympic-type team would've faired better.

With most of the players just barely starting their spring training workouts, its apparent that either they weren't in shape enough for this tournament or they weren't spirited up enough for it.

With the Olympics kicking baseball out, now, and there being no other World Cup type of event for the sport, the World Baseball Classic will need to figure out a way for all players to actually commit to the event mentally and physically.

I hope they figure that out. I don't have a solution to offer myself... I don't think February/March play is suitable. Nor should the MLB break mid-summer... Maybe a new, second "Fall Classic" is in order??