Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Red Sox General Manager(s)

The Boston Red Sox announced that the team will operate under the management of TWO GMs. Two General Managers!?!?

And maybe G.M. Theo Epstein can come back and manage these general managers.

Well, I think Red Sox fans have just wasted more than a month wondering what will happen, because the answer is nothing. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, Ben Cherrington and Jed Hoyer seem quite capable as evidenced by the short off-season so far.

The two will basically continue to operate in their previous roles, they will just answer to Lucchino instead of having Theo Epstein as their middleman.

Ben Cherrington will now be the GM of Minor League Operations while Jed Hoyer will GM the Major League operations. FYI: Job Titles before where 1) Ben Cherrington - Director of Player Development and 2) Jed Hoyer - Assistant to the GM.

What's news here? Sounds like just another delay, but this time it came thinly disguised via a press conference.

Theo, for his part, in turning down Lucchino contract offer has essentially/apparently opted-out from being the middleman any longer - in my opinion. As much has been said or theorized in the newspapers of record (listed to your right) lately.



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