Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Johnny Damon is a New York Yankee : Idiot

Johnny Damon is a New York Yankee

According to the Associated Press late 12/20, spotted first via Sox fan blogs and then (via the Boston Herald), the Yankees have reached a preliminary deal with Johnny Damon for 4 years at $52 million.

I'm going to need to see the JD signature on this one myself, because I can't believe that:
1. The Red Sox wouldn't offer Damon a similar financial deal; and
2. If so, that Damon would pick NY over Boston given similar financial arrangements.

Of course, the new Sox management may have felt that a Damon contract was a lost cause from the beginning with Boras asking for seven years... but I cant understand the Sox not matching this particular financial arrangement.

And given similar terms (possibly not offered) why would Damon decide to join the Yankees?
I have many thoughts on this topic... check back later for updates...

But the ultimate question remains, WWJDD? Well, he apparently chose the Yankees over the super-star-dom he earned here with millions of Red Sox nation fans in New England and beyond.

OK Johnny: Go shave, Go cut your hair, and prepare yourself for the onslaught of your former fans. You are a superstar no longer, now you're a Damn Yankee. (You will not receive the positive feedback that O. Cabrera got... you are a Yankee now.)


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