Thursday, December 29, 2005 - Boston Red Sox: Sox — too Manny issues? Cutting ties could be costly

The Boston Herald: Sox — too Manny issues? Cutting ties could be costly

Seems to me that the Boston Herald writers are out-to-lunch this off season - What are these guys () talking about when they say this potential/rumored trade CREATES holes?

Herald >>> From the Red Sox’ perspective, of course, the problem is that a Ramirez-for-Tejada swap doesn’t really address any on-field holes, particularly if it involves Clement.

SoxSpot Response: Are you kidding? The hole is at SHORTSTOP and we could fill that with Miguel Tejada !!! Any additional holes that are created would be in Fenway's left field (that smallest outfield position in the world) and at starting pitcher, where the Sox current have 7-8 starters ready to go for '06 thus still a few to use for trade bait.

Herald >>> In fact, it creates a hole. Last week, after all, the Sox made a three-year offer to Kevin Millwood so they might have pitching depth to deal from. That would have allowed the Sox to trade both David Wells and Clement or Bronson Arroyo, one of the latter two for either a shortstop or center fielder.

SoxSpot Response: Millwood would have been the Sox NINTH starting pitcher on the 40-man roster. He was unnecessary. Adding him wouldv'e just created further needs to trade away other starters.

Herald >>> Unless the Sox think prospect Andy Marte can produce now — and in left field where he’s never played — then trading Ramirez and Clement creates more holes than it fills.

SoxSpot response: Again, there are plenty of people with the ability to play Fenway's small left field position. Andy Marter or literally any professional athlete should be able to handle it. Heck - Manny handled it all the while being Manny...

Come on Herald! Loosen up!

Original Article on The Boston Herald: Sox — too Manny issues? Cutting ties could be costly


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