Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A-Rod - grow a pair

Alex Rodriguez may just be the biggest "wus" in professional sports history.

He caught the attention of Red Sox fans mainly when the potential there was a potential he'd be traded to the team before the 2004 season. (Most Sox fans are glad to not have a player like him on our team, despite the numbers he puts up. He's now Enemy #1, after all.)

A-Rod went to the Yankees for 2004 and the Sox gained an enemy - and we are all the more happier for it!!

We are happy to not have a cheater (remember he needed a hockey-style glove-shove from Jason Varitek when he got plunked during a game in late July 2004) and later the Hamburger-Helper gloved-one slapped the ball out of Arroyo's hand further helping turn the tide for the Sox in the '04 ALDS.

Then, during the 2005 pre-season, he made a dumb-ass comment to the effect that he'd rather be working out at 6am than driving his children to school. The dead-beat was called out on that comment by Trot Nixon of the Red Sox.

It's recently been reported that A-Rod enjoys late-night poker games and he had to be asked by Yankees team officials to stop risking his life via illegal late night New York City gambling - at least until his baseball career is over!

Yet still, this off-season, A-Rod hasn't been able to decide what country he belongs to. Though born in the US and an American citizen, the gloved-one apparently felt he was a Dominican! OK, his parents were from there, but he was born in the US, he grew up in suburban Florida and couldn't hold a native-language conversation with David Ortiz if the ALDS depended on it!

He had finally made a choice though, a few weeks back, that since he couldn't decide between the two countries he would not "dis-respect" either country and thus he'd sit out the World Baseball Classic altogether. How's that for no dis-respect!!

Now, today, after the rosters have already been announced for all teams, A-Rod has decided he'd like to participate for the U.S. team.

What did he do? Wait until he saw the rosters to help him decide who might win the tournament?

I don't know who gets to vote on team rosters, but I'd suggest just saying no to A-Rod!!

·» A-Rod Reversal: He'll Play For U.S. (via Hartford Courant)

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